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If you, your child or your teenager are quietly distressed and struggle with anxiety, anger, low self-esteem or any other emotional difficulties, finding a space to take your concerns where you can have focused attention on you and your needs is a huge relief.

If you are reading this, it's likely that you have already tried all your resources to feel better or have done whatever you knew best to help your child overcome their difficult feelings . But nothing has worked! This is a hard place to be and I understand it!

You just need to take a step further and let me support you.


My aim is to connect with you and your child, hear your story and provide a supportive space where you both feel heard and understood. We will work together toward empowering you and helping you find your emotional strength.

My practice is inclusive and welcome people of all nationalities, ethnicities, religious affiliations, sexual orientation, gender identity and ages.


If you are interested to know if the way I work might suit you and your child, please book a free 20 minutes online consultation with me via email. This is a chance for us to meet and answer any questions you might have. There is no commitment to enter into therapy with me after this session. Looking forward to meet you!

About Me

My name is Javaneh Pirzad. I am British-Iranian and speak Persian, English and French. I grew up in Iran and have lived most of my adult life around the world as an expat, accompanying my husband and my daughter. I have lived in UAE, Algeria, India, Netherlands and UK.

I hold a Masters degree in French language and literature and have my backgrounds in teaching French to children and adults. 


Later I trained as a child and adolescent psychotherapist in London UK and now hold an MA in Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and work with young people in therapeutic settings. I am a member of UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

I believe that childhood is the most formative

 stage of a person's life and it needs to be handled sensitively in order to prevent later dysfunctions . Willing to help children and their families with their mental and emotional difficulties brought me to this field, hoping to make a difference in families lives. 

Javaneh Psychoerapy

Due to frequent relocations, I have based my practice online in order to overcome language barriers and help more children and adults around the globe. I am trained as an online therapist and hold a certificateI in online and telephone counselling, accredited by Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO).

I play and work creatively with my young clients on the web, taking into consideration safeguarding and child protection matters.




Adolescent Therapy
Reflective Parenting Sessions

Children's main mode of communication is through play. In individual therapy sessions with children online, We use creative mediums such as painting and drawing, story telling, virtual sand play and games.  We engage in a therapeutic process that is more than simple play. It is play with a purpose to resolve an issue. Often the child leads the sessions and sometimes I lead the child's direction of play.

I aim to provide a non intrusive, non judgmental space for the young person where they can explore and communicate their troubling feelings and worries based on a strong trusting relationship. I aim to support them toward developing healthy emotional lives and joyful bonds with others.                                     

My therapy sessions with adolescents focus on providing an accepting and engaging virtual environment for teens where they are enabled to explore and work on their disturbing feelings and thoughts. Adolescents might be more inclined to talking rather than engaging in art or play. However, a number of teens find arts and craft a safer and less intrusive way of communication in therapy.  The young person is free to bring any concerns or troubling feelings into the session and discuss them openly in a non judgmental environment.

Psycho education is also an important part of therapy with adolescents. It gives them an insight into their mind and body and helps them to resolve issues around shame and self blame.

These virtual sessions with parents are tailored to help them talk openly about their everyday struggles in regard to parenting and discuss the challenging issues they face in relation to their child.

They also provide an opportunity for the parents to reflect on their parenting styles and their own experiences of being parented, in a judgment free environment.

When parents feel heard and get more insight about the underlying roots of the issues, they more readily work toward building healthy family dynamics.

Therapy with Third Culture Kids (TCKs)

Having lived the challenges of an expat life, I have gained a deep understanding of the extra dynamics that come into play both for children and their families during relocations. Dealing with loss and grief, adapting to new cultural norms and dealing with identity related and existential questions such as "where is home and where do I belong". This is the reason why I wrote my MA dissertation on : "The nature of loss and grief as a result of high mobility among Adolescent Third Culture Kids and the psychotherapeutic implications for practice.".

I have a special interest to help TCKs and their families on their journey to overcome the emotional disturbances that expatriation brings along.

Therapy Session
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