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My Approach

Integrative child and adolescent psychotherapy is used by therapists to help young people who struggle with emotional and behavioural difficulties. This happens through a strong and trusting relationship between the child or adolescent and the therapist. The use of creative mediums such as drawing, painting, sand play, puppetry and music are at the core of the work. As a child's main mode of communication is through play and behaviour, the use of creative methods allow them to access and explore their subconscious and communicate it safely within a holding therapeutic relationship.

Adolescents may feel more comfortable simply talking through their issues and anxieties so the sessions will be adjusted to each individual child's needs.

Integrative child psychotherapy may be used to help children with many issues such as

  • Anxiety

  • Low self-esteem

  • Depression

  • Loss/Bereavement

  • Attachment/Relationship Difficulties

  • OCD

  • Aggression/Behavioural problems

  • Trauma

Integrative approach means that I use and combine different modalities in my treatment plan. I use psychodynamic theories to give me a solid base into the root of the problem while I apply humanistic approaches in order to relate to my clients empathically and without judgment. The use of cognitive-behaviour therapy is also essential in many cases to explore the dysfunctional patterns of thoughts and behaviours that block the psychological growth. 

Therapeutic interventions differ from person to person depending on the history of the client's disorder(s) and the client's preferred modes of interaction.

Getting Started

If you decide to enter into therapy with me, we set an intake assessment session online. In this initial session, I see you (the parent/s) with your child and we discuss all the issues that you, as a family, struggle with. This will help me to develop more understanding about the issues. Then a treatment plan is set for your child, designating the goals of therapy and I come to an agreement with you about the duration of the therapy . The length of the therapeutic work is always subject to change based on how the therapeutic process unfolds. I will set a regular time to meet with your child each week. That will be your child's time slot and if you need to rearrange, I ask for at least three days notice.

Appointments are 50 minutes long via Zoom application and all you need to provide for your child is a good internet connection and a safe space to have their session.

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